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New In-Flight Safety Video! Air New Zealand Goes Hobbit-Style

October 31, 2012 at 7:24 AM | by | ()

Here is the moment that most of us (#avgeeks) have been waiting for. Air New Zealand, "the official airline of Middle Earth," has launched their "The Hobbit"-themed in-flight safety video featuring elves, hobbits and wizards as replacements for the typical flight attendants, all showing us how to inflate a lifevest.

The Kiwi airline is no stranger to exercising their creative muscle with in-flight videos and promotional events. Ahead of the much anticipated release of the first movie of the The Hobbit trilogy, Air NZ embraces the homeland film. "The Unexpected Briefing" is almost as hot with plenty of ballyhoo on the airline's blog, The Flying Social Network.

Passengers will get their safety briefing with a little wizardry, wonder and a little humor, and might even spot a few dwarfs as fellow flyers. Flying long-haul economy mightn't be an issue; how many can fit on the SkyCouch? Before the The Unexpected Journey can take off, cabin crew will go over the finer points of safe air travel so all of the "precious" cargo lands in a new kingdom as safely as possible.

The feature film itself will be released later this month in Middle Earth—er, New Zealand—and then on December 14th for North America. For fans of the movie, you can win tickets to the New Zealand premiere; for more info keep watching the movie as there's more on that at the end.

[Photo: The Flying Social Network/Air New Zealand]

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