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You're Not Going Anywhere: Photos of the Terribly Flooded LaGuardia Airport

October 30, 2012 at 2:17 PM | by | ()

Photo source: shared by Jaunted tipster

Doubtless by now, you've seen every photo of major flooding in New York City that've gone from Instagram to Twitter, to the TV news networks. But we have another.

Above is a new photo of LaGuardia Airport, submitted by a Jaunted tipster. Taken by Blackberry this morning, the photo shows water levels nearly breaching the jetbridges of Terminal C (which used to be all US Airways and is now mostly Delta). There is flooding in the baggage rooms and other first-level areas. Though the water has receded, we're not sure how far; regardless the airports are going to have much larger problems than just worrying about how their employees will get to work without public transportation, some bridges and tunnels.

Photo source: unknown, tweeted by many including @JetBlue

Above is the viral photo currently spread of LaGuardia, focusing on a single gate in the same terminal.

There once was a time, in the infancy of LaGuardia Airport, that LGA (then called Glenn H. Curtiss Airport) had docks and a building for the Pan Am Flying Chipper boat-planes. That original building still stands; it's the small Marine Air Terminal which still sees some departures from short shuttle flights to places like Chicago and Boston. It seems now that history is repeating itself, although in the 1940s the Long Island Sounds stayed in the Long Island Sound.

More photos of the flooding in NYC's transportation network can be found on the Transit Authority's Flickr page.

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Unbelievable to see

What the nature can easily do with all the artefacts of human civilization.