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Even the Space Shuttle Couldn't Escape the Force of Hurricane Sandy

October 30, 2012 at 11:16 AM | by | ()

Commercial airplanes may have escaped damage from Hurricane Sandy by canceling flights early enough on Sunday and Monday to get themselves off the east coast tarmacs to safer (and mostly warmer) climes, but one bird that's no longer able to fly sat scarily exposed on the deck of the Intrepid Museum aircraft carrier, floating in the Hudson River at Manhattan's west side docks.

She's the NASA Space Shuttle Enterprise, and though Sandy seems to have spared her dock-neighbor, the British Airways Concorde G-BOAD, the spacecraft didn't fare so nicely.

Specific reports on the effects of the wind haven't yet been released other to say that Enterprise did indeed suffer some "damage." As is obvious from these photos taken of the exhibit from a high rise nearby, the very expensive inflated tent structure has ripped and collapsed around the craft.

We're going to say what we said the first time we visited the Enterprise on the Intrepid: the Space Shuttle deserves better than a glorified tennis tent for a home. Put it in a building, a real structure! And throw the Concorde in there while you're at it. Jeez.

[Photo: Emily Wilson]

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