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Spirit Airlines is Kinda Torn Over Their Own New $100 Fee

October 3, 2012 at 4:25 PM | by | Comments (2)

We've been trying to figure out the best way to cover this news, about how Spirit Airlines is going to start charging passengers $100 each when they pay for check-in luggage at the gate. Originally we were just going to post the word "douchebags" as a link to the story, because brevity is the soul of wit and because it's fucking true.

But then we would have missed the chance to talk about the gratingly obnoxious press release that the airline issued to announce the new fee. Want to guess what they titled it?

"Spirit Doesn't Want Customers to Pay $100 for a Bag at the Gate," they somehow managed to write through what were undoubtedly tears of laughter, because the idea is that people will do anything to avoid paying such a high fee. So the fee is so brutal not because they want to rake in money, but because they never want you to pay it. That argument is technically coherent but aggressively stupid. Because you know what's an even better way to avoid having travelers pay $100 for their bags at the gate? Don't charge them $100! Problem solved.

This is the equivalent of a hostage taker telling his victims "I don't want to have to shoot you." Agreed. But you know what's a really good way to make sure that doesn't happen? Just don't do it.

The sheer gall of this airline, which is justifiably disliked for its deeply hateable fees and its crass vulture advertising, has gone from surreal to bemusing to just kind of tiring. Even the addition of new fees like this one and others, and the publication of new unseemly ads, just seems kind of boring. Of course that's what they're doing. It's who they are.

The unfortunate kicker, of course, is that other airlines often explicitly follow Spirit's lead when it comes to baggage fees. So it's at least possible that other airlines will start imposing intentionally harsh punitive fees on their customers. If you think about it, that's what the travel world has been sorely missing: more treating travelers like they've committed some kind of crime.


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Comments (2)

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RE: Spirit Airlines

Flying Spirit Airlines is possibly one step below having to travel in a 1950's school buss with a chickens running down the isles with screaming sick children on a one lane road traveling up a mountain in winter hoping not be stopped by some militant faction hoping you stashed enough cash well enough not to become a statistic. In my opinion.

Spirit is the worst!

NEVER AGAIN! Got overcharged and ignored by their customer service Spirit is the worst. Their continued existence is a mockery of decent business practices and corporate social responsibility. It's time we do something about it! http://www.fspiritair.com/

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