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JetBlue Gives a Damn Fine Reason to Get Out and Vote

October 3, 2012 at 12:14 PM | by | ()

That is some seriously sexy graphic design right there

Are you ready for some presidential debating?! JetBlue sure is, as they've just launched a new promotion and contest called "Election Protection."

First off, go to the promo website and log in using Facebook. Declare yourself a Democrat or Republican (info which will not be shared) and choose your favorite destination from the dots on the map (pictured below). Then, after the Presidential Election on November 6, a whopping 1,006 contest entrants will win a roundtrip flight to that destination of their choice. The idea is that, should the candidate you voted for lose, you'll be heading straight out of the country. But trust that even if your candidate wins, you aren't disqualified from the contest.

The concept is simple and brilliant because, while you're just trying to win a free flight to a tropical, international destination served by JetBlue, the airline is able to take a litmus test of the politics of its flyers and followers. The current standing leans blue, which isn't a surprise considering JetBlue's hub cities lie in very democrat-heavy cities. Still, voting could be wonky if entrants think voting for the likely loser increase their chances of winning. Hmm.

Read the full terms & conditions here, but remember that entering happens right here.

[Images: JetBlue]

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