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Flight Review: Doing a Domestic Quickie on Virgin Australia

Where: Australia
November 6, 2012 at 5:16 PM | by | ()

After some time talking about the sexy new business class, the movie filmed onboard and even a new TV commercial, it was time for us to experience all the hooplah around the updates at Virgin Australia. We are huge fans of what Virgin Atlantic and Virgin America do, so we were excited to fly on the Aussie cousin.

Our flights were between Brisbane and Sydney which are pretty close to each other, but, along with Melbourne, create the Golden Triangle of Australian commercial aviation. Flights between these three cities are the busiest routes in the country and highly competitive. When we saw "Happy Hour" fares for $200 AUD each way in business class, we excitedly click "purchase."

At just over an hour flying time, the flight is short but not short on service. Boarding in Brisbane, we were offered a mocktail of cranberry and lime juice with a dash of cinnamon. It was a very refreshing drink that, even with the absence of alcohol, got us a bit more relaxed. We sunk right down into the sleek black leather recliner seat with the Virgin name embossed. The Biz cabin was small and intimate with only 8 seats and a purple plexi-glass divider as the bulkhead, just like here in the US on Virgin America.

For lunch on the flight to Sydney, we chose the cold noodle salad with Asian BBQ pork. Sadly, the only thing worth eating was the 4 pieces of pork and the hokey pokey (honeycomb) ice cream cup. On the way back to Brisbane, we opted for the zucchini fritter with sausage and homemade baked beans, a much better meal overall. Each service was presented on trays matching the airline's purple accents.

In all, cabin crew were fantastic and attentive; their efficiency ensured that the full business class cabin wasn't left longing for anything. Nice little touches like the salt & pepper shakers, the mocktail and modern cabin all top the list for the good. The food bats .500, as the noodle salad entree wasn't good at all. Two things that we missed on this flight were some sort of in-flight entertainment (we didn't find any personal tvs in bulkhead business class) and hot-towel service to freshen up after take-off. But for that price, we could live without. Maybe.

[Photos: Rayme Gorniak/Jaunted]

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