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The Best Instagram Hashtag Right Now: #kicksonaplane

October 26, 2012 at 4:45 PM | by | ()

Now that you've hopefully gone and followed all those airlines on instagram, it's time to shake it up. Though we're not one to participate in hashtags on any social media platform, one on Instagram immediately had us hooked. Ladies and gentleman, #kicksonaplane.

For those who don't know what "kicks" are, what are you doing on Instagram? Ha--kidding (kinda). Kicks is another term for shoes, specifically sneakers or other rubber/gum soles, though it can be broadened to include all footwear. Instagrams tagged with #kicksonaplane depict the person's shoes as they are, seated and ready for takeoff on a flight.

It's like a visual representation of "I'm here, ready to go, let's do this," with the necessary little bit of showing off that touches on the personal vanity of the user and the sweet envy of the viewer, both key components in the success of Instagram.

The hashtag was first started by Marcus Troy, an "influencer" and brand strategist who uploaded a photo of his Converse on Air Canada Flight 7505 to Toronto City Airport one year ago. From there, he gave it its own website, kicksonaplane.com. The site went silent in June of this year, as the hashtag continues to organically grow within Instagram. Now it numbers over 675 images.

Before you start uploading your own #kicksonaplane, here's five awesome ones to check out to get a feel for what's going on with the hashtag:

· The very first #kicksonaplane
· Kicks with a view
· Ladies representing on Kenya Airways
· Interpreted literally
· Killer coordination / soles match the seat

Our own recent #kicksonaplane, on LH 401's A380 from JFK-FRA last week

[Photos: @deltoroshoes & Jaunted]

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Like yours better...

Your feet are where they are supposed to be..on the floor. The other pic makes me want to scream "were you raised by wolves??"