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Southwest Shuts Down Automatic Online Check-In Site 'checkintomyflight.com'

October 26, 2012 at 10:04 AM | by | ()

If you’ve ever flown with Southwest Airlines you probably know how important it is to be near your computer or phone 24 hours before your flight. That’s when online check-in opens, as you want to get yourself a chance at the best available boarding pass. With free-for-all boarding you don’t want to be stuck in a middle seat with a “C” boarding pass when a little work might help you score an exit row thanks to an “A” boarding pass.

Earlier this month someone was clever enough to use their programming skills to establish a snazzy site that would do all the check-in work on your behalf. In theory you would just enter a few bits and pieces of your travel information and then, like magic, you’d be automatically checked-in for your flight. If all went according to plan you’d get one of the coveted A boarding passes for the first wave, and you wouldn’t have to worry.

Well there’s one problem with this slick solution—Southwest is not cool with it at all. Just as soon as word started to spread the news must have made its way to Southwest headquarters, and they pretty much told the site to shut it down. The website—Checkintomyflight.com—now has the complete story, and is pretty forward with letting everyone know that Southwest is mad at them. So for now it looks like we’ll have to go back to just logging on the old fashioned way. Be sure to set those iPhone alarms!

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