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A Possible Solution to Laptop Privacy Problems on Airplanes

October 25, 2012 at 3:21 PM | by | ()

It's not too early to start a holiday wish list, right?

We've been flying a lot lately (duh) and though it's a mix of business and economy class seats, we find that space on an airplane is still never enough to get some work done in peace, with privacy. Another big duh.

And then we saw a commercial for a new product from 3M that solves at least some of this problem; their Privacy Patrol Screen Protectors shield laptop, smartphone and tablet screens from all sides except for straight-on. In their words, "anyone viewing your screen from a side angle will see a dark, blank screen while you still see a clear image."

This means no one but the direct user can read over your shoulder or sneak a peek at your email. We're thinking they'd be handy for when we're editing images (or tweeting about annoying people on our flight) and all the cabin lights are off and basically anyone within three rows of us can easily spy.

Anyway, we just think they're really cool products and it's about freaking time they existed, considering laptops and other portable digital devices have been around for years and years. They're not cheap, though; $50 seems to be the average for one laptop privacy screen.

BONUS! Naturally the introduction of such a useful item for business travel comes with a contest. Over on 3M's Special Offers page, they're giving away a "getaway for two" to San Diego if you'll share an example of having your digital privacy crashed.

How to enter:

· Follow @3MScreens
· Tweet @3MScreens with the hashtag #3MPrivacyPatrol
· Tell them how your mobile device has been snooped
· Include where and what device was snooped

[Photo: Jaunted Video: 3M]

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