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FlightCar: A Brilliant Alternative to Long-Term Airport Parking

October 24, 2012 at 7:03 AM | by | ()

There are all kinds of rental car and car sharing schemes, but the latest idea to hit the marketplace just may be the best one we’ve heard yet. It all takes place at the airport, where there is an abundance of two types of car-driving travelers: those who don’t currently need their cars (long-term parkers) and those who need to pick up a car. FlightCar hopes to link these two sets of people in driving happiness.

Basically what you’ll be able to do with FlightCar is rent out your car while you’re not using it. That keeps your car happy since it gets to drive around and keep busy—cars have feelings too—and it’ll keep you happy since you’ll be earning cash instead of shelling out bucks for the parking garage.

Rates are supposed to be competitive with what’s offered from the big boys like Hertz and Avis, though FlightCar is so far claiming they'll have 50% cheaper rates than the usual rental car companies. Obviously things are insured to protect your vehicle—like up to a million dollars—and they’ll even clean your car before and after the rental.

Right now it’s still just a dream, but the company is busy lining up logistics and investors to get the idea off the ground. If all goes according to plan FlightCar could take off as soon as a couple months from now in spots like Oakland and San Jose. We like this idea and we're eager to see it make its way over to the other side of the country so we can take it for a test-drive.

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