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Spend a Free Week in Spain Thanks to the Magic of Volunteering

Where: Spain
October 24, 2012 at 1:23 PM | by | ()

Vaughan Systems invites people who speak English fluently to spend a week in Spain on them at VaughanTown. Free room and board in Spain is the trade-off for native English-speakers who help Spanish-speaking people practice their English.

Vaughan Systems will connect native English-speakers with business professionals who are learning the language. The native-English speakers need to only to apply for the program, and if accepted, pay for their flight to Spain.

The English-speakers should be prepared to speak English about 12 hours a day with the eager-to-learn Spaniards. Program participants have one-on-one conversations, play games, do simulated business calls, and participate in group presentations.

The program takes place throughout 2013 at four VaughanTown locations in Spain: The 4-star hotel, La Posado in Torrecaballeros, Segovia; a villa in the village of Valdelavilla near the Soria mountains; Hotel Izan Puerta de Gredos, a 4-star hotel in Avila, and the Sheraton Santa Maria de El Paular hotel, in proximity to the Guadarrama mountains. Volunteers can even choose where they want to stay for the week.

The English immersion program is named after Richard Vaughan, a Texan who founded one of the largest English language programs for business professionals in Spain. He leads more than 300 professional language instructors who teach executives at his centers.

[Photo: Courtesy of VaughanTown]

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Pueblo Ingles, FTW

I'm particularly fond of Pueblo Ingles, a program with both adult and teen sections and one that is highly regarded around the world. The premise is the same as VaughanTown, except it's much less formal and is a phenomenal experience.