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Awesome and Affordable Scootering on Mykonos

Where: Mykonos, Greece
October 23, 2012 at 4:04 PM | by | ()

When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

We've heard it before and, heck, we've even uttered it ourselves. And that's just what we did when we were in, well, Greece. After arriving on Mykonos, we saw heaps of scooters going every which way and it looked like the best way to experience the island.

Locals have the right idea to get around the island, navigating narrow laneways. A sputtering scooter turns a trip around the island for a gliko frappe or a spanakopita into a lickety-split affair. You not only get to see a lot more than just one city, but you'll escape the hordes of tourists all looking for tacky souvenirs at the same shops.

The scooter mode of transport is not only easy, but it can be super cheap. For a basic 50cc scooter, we paid about 17 euros ($22 US) for one entire day. After a quick briefing of the safety features, how to fill the gas-tank and a helmet fitting, we were off. If you have a valid US drivers license, you can drive off the lot and venture out on a day of fun.

Rental agencies are a dime a dozen and are obviously concentrated around the cruise ports to attract impulsive tourists. They are common on most Greek islands with cruise business; because we had such a blast we repeated the experience on both Paros and Sifnos. Our recommendation is to browse the selection parked out front first, check the condition, and then go in to sign the paperwork.

While the safety of driving in a foreign country can be debated, we found the Greek Islands very safe and simple. We chose a low speed bike, stayed away from alcohol and observed strict road rules and still had a blast. Just as you would back at home, please exercise caution.

[Photos: Rayme Gorniak/Jaunted]

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