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American Airlines Needs a Few Good Men and Women to Serve in the Sky

October 22, 2012 at 8:50 AM | by | ()

If you’ve ever dreamt of flying around the world (or at least across the region) while earning a paycheck then we’ve got some good news for you. You’ll need to brush up on your emergency slide procedures and of course practice parallel parking the beverage cart. However, if you’re able to pull your weight up at 35,000-feet then there’s one airline that might just want to talk to you in a little more detail.

Despite the fact that they’re short on cash—that pesky bankruptcy and all—American Airlines is thinking about opening up the human resources floodgates in preparation for plenty of resumes and applications. The carrier is looking for a few good men—and women—to serve as their newest flight attendants, as apparently there’s the need for like 1,500 to serve up in the skies.

The openings should hit the web as early as next month, and if you’re lucky and skilled enough you may have a very enjoyable holiday season. It sounds like hiring will take place this December with training as soon as January. There’s a lot of space for new workers, as many flight attendants—American Airlines’ in-flight crew averages around 21 years on the job—took a recent buyout offer.

Obviously there will be plenty of travel perks associated with the job, but don’t expect to get rich overnight—or at all. According to some data from a couple years ago via the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for flight attendants in the United States is around $37,740 per year. American Airlines claims that their average is a little bit more, but with the new ladies and gentleman starting at the bottom of the career ladder it might not be a great idea to upgrade to that fancy apartment just yet.

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