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The Secret to $23 Flights on Air New Zealand

October 22, 2012 at 9:00 AM | by | ()

The folks over at Air New Zealand have just made travel a lot easier on the wallet with their new Night Rider fares. No, these are not trips on a talking car named KITT nor will you be seated next to David Hasselhoff—that's Knight Rider. These Night Riders are super duper cheap fares on the last flight out for the night.

Starting the first Monday in November, the airline will sell each seat on the last flight out each day between Auckland and Wellington for $29 NZD (around $23 USD). We're talking entire airplane capacity sold for bargain-basement pricing, though that only includes the seat fare. If you need to pop a bag in the belly, the cost goes up to $39 NZD. For a flight that is scheduled to take no more than 60 minutes, that's a great price!

With super cheap prices come some rules. There will be no refreshment service on the short flight, no lounge access for frequent flyers and the tickets can't be combined with further travel at all. Bare bones travel at bare bones prices works because, as soon as you get to cruising speed, cabin crew will start preparing for arrival.

Air NZ is one of those airlines that not only likes to think outside the box, but build an entirely new box. We have seen some great ideas and then some weird ideas, but either way we have to commend them on the creativity. The jury is still out on the video of the airline's CEO dressed like Michael Knight.

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