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Seven Secrets Inside Lufthansa's Exclusive First Class Terminal

Where: Frankfurt International Airport, Frankfurt, Germany
October 23, 2012 at 3:21 PM | by | ()

SPOILER ALERT. If flying First Class is on your to-do list and you'd rather "open the gift" of the First Class Terminal when that day comes, stop reading now!

It's an almost mythical place, the First Class Terminal (FCT) at Frankfurt International Airport. In the darkness of the autumn evening, just before the last flights depart ahead of the 11pm curfew, a little building just off of Terminal 1 glows with the golden crane of the Lufthansa logo.

We've previously shown you all around the spaces and even detailed what whiskey to order, but looking a little closer there's far more to explore.

"I always say the true frequent First Class flyer is the one who comes in and, at the bar, says 'just a water.'" - A personal assistant at the FCT

Order whatever you want, of course, but do not miss these seven little secret touches that add some levity and even more luxury to the FCT experience:

· The fleet: No need to see Economy or even Business Class passengers once you've made it here. Pick a Porsche or a Mercedes-Benz for a private ride to your plane after clearing immigration at the FCT's exclusive desk.

· The booze: There's one German-made whiskey among the bar's 80+ whiskey bottles. This one: SLYRS from Bavaria. Try it, and then do a Johnnie Walker "taste the rainbow" (the bar stocks all JW labels, from Red to Blue).

· The ducky: One of the several shower rooms at the FCT has a full-size bathtub, in case you desire a bubble bath and a flute of champagne before your flight. Get this room and you get to keep the rubber ducky who watches over your Etro bath salts.

· The toiletries: Speaking of Etro, the luxury Italian fashion house supplies all the grooming products in the shower rooms. Their lotion smells soooo good you'll be sniffing your wrists through your long-haul.

· The magic ring: There are plenty of outlets in the FCT, sure, but there's also this thing called the "PowerKiss." Reception will lend you a ring device that plugs into your phone (it works on a variety of phones, from iPhone to Nokias) and laying your phone down on the PowerKiss tabletops around the lounge charges it wirelessly.

· The meat of it: Request freshly sliced prosciutto and watch this monster machine grant that wish. The restaurant is lovely, but it's not every day you get treatment such as this.

· The smokes: A cigar lounge holds a humidor stocked with complimentary stogies. Yet another bar awaits as well, with spirits best suited to savoring with the cigars.

This is the rumored oasis of the modern jet set—those flying in First Class on Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines or Swiss or those belonging to Lufthansa's HON Circle (flying over 600,000 miles within two years). The entry policy is notoriously strict in order to maintain passenger privacy. In the words of the "personal assistants" who staff the Terminal, their traveling guests "fly more than even Lufthansa flight attendants." This is their playground and it's actually not a rumor; it's very real. And very fancy-schmance.

Disclosure: We accessed the First Class Terminal as a guest of Lufthansa, but all photos, opinions and geeking out is completely our own.

[Photos: Cynthia Drescher/Jaunted]

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