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What's This Thing Where Pop Culture is into Plane Wrecks?

October 19, 2012 at 12:10 PM | by | ()

Normally, we wouldn't get excited over what looks like a plane crash, but something caught our eye after flipping through the TV channels. A striking beauty made up like a zombie, obviously posing for photos while crawling through the smoldering wreckage of a plane. Sounds like the work of the creatives behind America's Next Top Model, and it was.

On a recent episode of ANTM, Tyra challenged the runway hopefuls to "smise"—smiling with the eyes—while donning zombie costumes and emerging from the carnage of a plane crash. After being initially intrigued by which type of aircraft (we concluded a Boeing 747) and how realistic the set looked, we realized something. Glamorizing a tragedy is never cool. Setting up models inside a plane crash, however fake, is not cool.

The entire photo shoot reminded us of a certain music video with the same crash theme. Ever-eccentric Nikki Minaj's video for Fly showed the singer and her duet songstress, Rihanna, walking through the wreckage of what we can only imagine to be the same plane. Inappropriate.

We're not too sure if this is a trend that will catch on, but let us go on record to say that, pop culture context or not, we don't like to see plane crashes. That feeling of enterainment ANTM and the Minaj video seek to impart...well, it just becomes awkward.

[Photos: The CW]

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