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It's an Audi or Nothing at Rental Car Start-up Silvercar

October 18, 2012 at 8:30 AM | by | ()

It’s been six months or so since we introduced you to the wonder of Silvercar and their dream of taking over the rental car market. Former head honcho over at Skybus—Bill Diffenderffer—is still involved now serving as executive chairman, as the company just raised another $11.5 million in funding as they hope to get things rolling before the end of the year.

Their plan is to take the aggravation out of the rental car process. This will be accomplished with a little help from the Zipcar model, as they’ll use a smartphone app and some fancy scanner-code-things to have you gain access to your rental car. Speaking of cars, all the cars will be silver and they’ll all be 2013 Audi A4s. That doesn’t leave much room for the potential for an upgrade, but of course we’re definitely not going to complain when our app gives us access to one of these suckers.

The suits over at Silvercar are promising that costs will be comparable to a standard options from the usual rental car companies; however, pricing hasn’t been announced as of yet. Again it does look like the hope is to get things started before the end of 2012, and they do claim that initial pricing, availability, and locations will be revealed sooner rather than later. We’d bet that the Austin-based company would at least have something in the works for AUS, but we would hope that airport would just be the beginning.

We’ve got to hand it to them—it’s a good idea—but we’re thinking that a lot will depend on the amount of cash that needs to be shelled out. Obviously we’d take an Audi A4 over plenty of other options, but there’s no shame in driving a Ford Focus if it leaves our wallet fatter with extra cash.

[Photo: Silvercar via Wired]

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