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Southwest Combines Love of Pumpkins and Planes for Carving Contest

October 16, 2012 at 10:55 AM | by | ()

Time is running out to head to the farm stand—or Whole Foods Market—to pick up your pumpkin. There’s definitely a little pressure to select a good one this year, as it looks like Southwest Airlines is eager to judge your work.

Southwest Airlines loves Halloween, and this year their seasonal theme is “Jack-o’-lanterns are burning bright; time to take a Southwest or AirTran Flight!” Unfortunately their holiday contest is now over, as they've invited some expert pumpkin carvers to celebrate the season in person at their annual Halloween party down in Dallas. It may be too late to win that chance, but it's not too late to use some pumpkin carving resources the airline has made available.

If you’re looking to confuse the neighborhood kids with something a little more original on your pumpkin, then check out the Southwest Airlines templates. Sure you can go ahead and get all creative and try to create your own, but for the less artistically inclined—like us—this is the way to go.

The big winners will be announced over the next couple of days or so, but if you want to peruse some of the contestants in the running just check out #CarvingTheLUV hashtag over on Twitter—plenty of photos there in all their Instagram glory.

[Photo of an awesome entry: Instagram via justinlew13]

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