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Jet Airways' Little Brother Puts on His Big Boy Pants with Business Class

Where: India
October 17, 2012 at 11:36 AM | by | ()

If you're planning on flying all over India on your next adventure, Jet Airways' little brother, JetKonnect has made it a bit more comfy. The low-cost carrier has introduced a full-service cabin on their new 737s. This is a far cry from the Temple of Doom, since passengers will have plenty of legroom and be offered a multi-course meal.

Just like on its international big brother, the domestic Boeing aircraft will come equipped with a forward cabin strictly for those that like to be pampered. The Premiere experience will feature dedicated check-in and a higher baggage allowance (30 kgs), along with the normal bells and whistles of flying in business class.

Now, since this is an LCC, we just wanted to see how cheep flying upfront can be. On a recent search for a domestic India trip next month, we found business class fares for $1200 round trip. On a comparable search on Air India, the same dates were $200 cheaper and on the trouble-striken Kingfisher, you're looking at around $652.

We are fans of airlines that want to up their game and offer an elevated experience for elevated prices, but we aren't stupid. Even with all the issues that certain Indian airlines are having, we still wouldn't pay double the economy ticket price for a domestic first class product.

[Photo: Debarka Banik]

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