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Google Now Wants to Tell You Where to Travel, What to Look at

October 12, 2012 at 4:30 PM | by | ()

To many people - critics and investors alike - Google may seem like a privacy-violating advertising platform built that has some really innovative search and social media technology. But the Mountain View company wants you to know they're committed to being so much more. It's not just that they harvest all of the data based on the information you seek and the people with whom you interact. They also want to be know where people travel, where people eat, and where people shop.

Or more precisely: Google already knows where people do all of those things (the company even published a nice infographic of where Americans traveled last summer). What the search giant actually now wants to know is where you travel, eat, and shop. And to get its hands on that data, it's going to help you. "Help."

At the beginning of September Google purchased Frommer's, acquiring for itself the company's destination guidebooks and web content. Nobody's exactly sure where that material is going to go, but there will probably be some sort of integration with Google Places.

Then to close out the month Google announced the upcoming launch of its new Field Trip app, which will work on Android and act as a virtual tour guide. You'll walk around and it will run continuously in the background, which is creepy, and occasionally pop up to tell you what you should be interested in, which is even more creepy.

"The app has a really pleasant interface," says Lifehacker, because of course something that follows you around and tells you what to look at would have a really nice interface. Otherwise people might get suspicious!

Seriously though this looks kind of cool. Here's the Google Play link and here's a video. Unsurprisingly, it's kind of a creepy video:

[Photo: FieldTripApp / YouTube]

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Interesting Space

Been using an app called Tagwhat (www.tagwhat.com) for a while so when I heard about Field Trip, I got excited to see someone big getting into the space. Playing with the two apps for a week now, Tagwhat seems to give me a LOT more content than Field Trip, and more options to customize. And it shows me nearby Facebook pages and tweets too which has come in handy. Field Trip just feels more limited, but will be cool to see how this space grows.