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This is a Real Thing: Italy's New Museum of Gelato

Where: Bologna, Italy
October 11, 2012 at 12:52 PM | by | ()

One of the reasons travelers and tourists flock to Italy each and every year is for the food. Obviously there’s pizza, pasta, and plenty of other warm and savory dishes, but when it comes to dessert there’s really only option on our menu—gelato. Thankfully there’s now a shrine dedicated to the cousin of ice cream, just one of Italy’s national treasures.

The Carpigiani Gelato Museum is now open for business. Exhibits reveal the history of gelato, like from where it came and how it got to where it is today. There’s over 10,000 images showing the evolution and history, and there's even twenty different original machines. Tools of the trade, videos, and other multimedia displays round out the offerings, so you’re definitely getting the full gelato experience.

You do need to plan ahead in order to visit, as reservations are mandatory either through email or telephone. However, the hour-long guided tours are totally free, but you will need to dedicate a little bit of your travel budget for the samples available at the end of your visit. That’s fine by us, because we’re pretty sure we would work up a pretty hearty gelato appetite after being faced with the stuff for an hour.

Several samples are available for roughly $4 or so, but there’s also interactive gelato-making lessons available for around $13. For those who really want to get the full experience there’s even an option to sign up for a $60 four-hour class where you can learn all about the ins and outs of the gelato business. All the creamy and delicious gelato history can be found right around Bologna, so if the city wasn’t on your initial itinerary it probably should be now.

[Photo: Carpigiani Gelato Museum / Facebook]

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