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How to Share with Us Across the Social Media Spectrum

October 11, 2012 at 11:30 AM | by | ()

Today is kind of a big deal for us, as we'll not only hit our 10,000 tweet but also our 2,000 Instagram follower. The numbers don't matter so much really, but we do appreciate that you like us—you really like us!

For all facets of our travel news and photography, here's how to connect with us on the slew of social media levels:

· Follow us on Twitter:
@Jaunted is the name and tweeting breaking travel news and deals is our game. Where there's WiFi (or 4G), we'll be there.

· Be our friend on Facebook:
We're over here on Facebook, sharing our top stories and other fun little things we run into around this here internet.

· Catch our original outtakes on Instagram:
We can't put all our photos on the site, and Instagram makes them cuter anyway. We're all about iPhoneography, focusing on the details of traveling, and you can find us on Instagram as "Jaunted."

· Follow us on Foursquare:
We're addicted to putting our stamp on the world, venue-by-venue, and that's where Foursquare comes in. Be our friend on Foursquare HERE, and you'll know exactly where we are by our check-ins.

[Photo: Jaunted]

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