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Two Thumbs Up for Air Malta's New Look and Livery

Where: Malta
October 10, 2012 at 9:39 AM | by | ()

You might not be that familiar with Air Malta, but the official airline of the tiny Mediterranean island country is looking to change that as they go through a kind of reboot. Apparently airline officials were sick and tired of their old look, so they hired some designers, ordered some paint, and upgraded the look of their planes.

Air Malta now has a snazzy new livery, as they look to let the world know that they exist. The new look was recently debuted at the Malta International Airshow, and we’ve got to say—we like what we see. The bold colors along the fuselage that run into the tail look pretty good to us, and the large font towards the front of the plane makes it pretty darn clear where this plane is going.

The new paint job for one of the airline’s Airbus A320s is just the beginning, as it looks like Air Malta is doing its best to kind of rebrand and relaunch itself, complete with a revamped website. There’s more than just the ability to book tickets too, as the site does a decent job of putting on a little sales pitch in favor of a visit to the islands.

Sadly they do not offer flights to any US Cities, but get yourself over to Europe and the map opens up. We've actually flown Air Malta roundtrip from Rome to Luqa (that's the main airport on Malta), though it's been a few years. Time to try 'em again!

[Photo: Wikimedia]

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