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China Eastern Flight Attendants Are the Latest to Be Kung Fu Fighting

Where: China
January 10, 2012 at 10:18 AM | by | ()

Last April, we told you about Hong Kong Airlines training their cabin crew to ward off terrorists and unruly passengers by using kung fu. Now, the martial art safe for onboard combat is being offered to flight attendants on China Eastern Airlines.

The Shanghai-based carrier announced that the first group of 20 cabin crew recently finished their courses. In all, 2,600-plus flight attendants will be trained for self-defense by using the ancient fighting technique. Airlines executives think that flight attendants could be seen as an easy target for would-be baddies.

Cabin crew will be able to wrestle and fight using the styles of qin na, all for the continued safety of the passengers onboard. The move is meant to turn cabin crew into a first line of defense in emergency situations, like the Chinese version of air marshals, to control the risk and assist with the detainment.

A weary passenger even posted his concern on Weibo, the Chinese equivalent to twitter, asking if he would get a smack if he requested an extra drink. We are happy to see people are keeping a sense of humor with the announcement.

[Photo: China Daily]

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