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Two Minutes of a Tilt-Shifted, Time-Lapsed Lisbon, Portugal

January 6, 2012 at 11:19 AM | by | ()

Confession! This member of the Jaunted team has visited every Western European country except Portugal and Denmark. Yes, even the little ones like Andorra and San Marino are checked off our list. Still it seems we need to correct this and get to Portugal before the wanderlust imparted by the video above wears off.

This is the cutest 2 minutes and 49 seconds you will possibly have today. Utilizing time-lapse, tilt-shift techniques and HD, the short film from Mario Rui Fernandes is a vibrant, happy look at the lively public spots of Portugal's capital, Lisbon. He jumps from tourist hotspots (we want to go stand on that map mosaic!) to scenes from local life, such as a commuter train station.

Keep your eyes open for our particular favorite moment involving a lone snorkeler. Happy Friday!

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