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Jeremy Renner's Latest Action Scene? A Bar Brawl in Phuket, Thailand

Where: Thailand
January 5, 2012 at 1:29 PM | by | ()

Action star Jeremy Renner had to fight off a real-life attack last night during a bar brawl in Thailand, one that sent two men to the hospital.

Jeremy was drinking with friends at Rachada Pub in Phuket Town around 4:30am when, according to the police, one of Renner's friends, Vorasit Issar (GM of the luxurious Sri Panwa Resort), dropped a glass on the floor which started an argument with the staff.

As the disagreement escalated, six men, who worked at the bar and the Canara restaurant next door, started attacking Renner and Issar with a a rotor axe, metal pipes, and a wooden club.

Before the fight was over, 20 men were involved and Vorasit was slashed in the neck and stabbed in the stomach. His chauffeur, Noppadon Preechawai, was also seriously injured after being slashed in the face with an axe. Both are still in the hospital, but are in stable condition. Luckily for Renner he only suffered minor injuries.

The six men were arrested and admitted to attacking Renner and his friends in the brawl. And, for now, the Rachada pub has been closed because the incident happened after Phuket Town closing hours.

Hopefully Renner will have better luck in Manila when he arrives in the Philippine city next week to shoot scenes for his upcoming movie, The Bourne Legacy.

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