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The Stupidest Rental Car Story You May Hear This Year

January 30, 2012 at 12:31 PM | by | ()

This is not her car, but still WTF

We often wonder if one week will ever pass in which there’s just not some totally obscure travel story. This week isn’t going to be it, as we’ve already found the winner for a huge "WTF."

A Houston woman was doing her best to navigate her rental car towards a hotel room for the night when she veered off the road and got the car stuck in a drainage pond in Idaho. However, instead of getting out of the car and making her way to safety, she just decided to hunker down and wait for help in the car. For like three days. We’re thinking she must have really liked her rental car, and maybe she scored some kind of sweet upgrade.

She was prepared for a long term stay, as the woman claimed that she was able to survive on peanut M&Ms—they’ve got protein—and bottled water. Apparently she was looking for a way to cross the Snake River, but she got stuck after trying to find the bridge. We just hope that she didn’t try to make her own causeway over the water.

After a those days of solitude, she did decide to depart her rental car fortress, but that’s only because that’s how long it took for the car to fill with water. Everyone’s fine and dandy now—no harm, no foul—but we would probably recommend escaping from your rental car prison the moment it plunges into a body of water, no matter how many M&Ms you've got stuck in the cracks of the backseat.

[Photo of a different bad idea: Alan Vernon.]

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