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Spirit Airlines is Way Pissed at Those New Airfare Rules (Because Now They Can't Deceive As Easily)

January 30, 2012 at 12:56 PM | by | ()

So the time has finally come for airlines to reveal the actual cost of the airfare they’re selling. We talked about the rules and regulations earlier this month, but now the reactions are starting to pour in.

Notice that Delta happily advertises on their booking page that all ticket prices include all taxes—they note “One Price. Period.” However, that’s not the case for the head honchos over at Spirit Airlines, as they’re more than a little cranky with Uncle Sam and all the new airfare pricing mandates, to the end that they're flat-out insulting consumer intelligence. Right, tell us something we don't know about Spirit, you say.

When you navigate over to Spirit Airlines’ website you’re now greeted with a warning page—complete with red exclamation mark—explaining that they are now forced to "hide" taxes within their fares. That means that they can’t really advertise those $9 one-way tickets anymore, and they’re pretty bitter. Spirit Airlines thinks that the new airline advertising rules aren’t consumer-friendly and that they’re not in anyone’s best interest. Those are all their words, remember. They claim that we shouldn’t stand for it and claim that their fares are now “distorted.”

To us it seems obvious what their agenda is, as now all airlines are pretty much forced to compete on a somewhat even playing field. Creative ads—if you want to call them that—and deceptive pricing is no longer an option, so for the most part we now know what we’re getting before we have to start punching in the credit card digits.

There are a couple other airlines like Southwest Airlines and Allegiant Air that have voiced their displeasure through the thoughts of their legal team, but Spirit is the only carrier blatantly objecting right on their booking page. We kind of think that the displeasure and objection will slowly fade away, but not before the government gets involved. There have already been some members of Congress chiming in against what Spirit has been selling.

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