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Retro Travel: What The Concorde Gave Passengers in 1995

January 17, 2012 at 1:00 PM | by | ()

Do you remember the glory days of The Bullet aka The Concorde? Neither do we. Well, we did fly it once back in 2000 from EWR-LHR but we have very little memory of the ride. Sigh, it's true. Everything good is wasted on the young.

But thanks to the mentally ill hoarding meticulous salvaging of our high-flying parents, we now can see what the Concorde gave out to its passengers in fall of 1995--Leather diary planners for 1996.

We've put some snapshots of the billfold/diary planner below for those of you who still get nostalgic about flying The Concorde. And while we don't have any use for a calendar from 16 years ago, you betcha we stole that silver Concorde pencil!

Got any of your own Retro Travel pieces to share with us? Please do!

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