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McDonald's Contribution to Chinese New Year: The 'Prosperity Burger'

Where: Singapore
January 26, 2012 at 11:58 AM | by | ()

Singapore may be like 22 hours of travel away from the US, but that doesn't mean they haven't got 24-hour McDonalds here and there. One we passed today—just off the Esplanade near the Fullerton Bay Hotel—was sporting some flashy banners for limited-time-only eats. Curious, we got closer. Holy shnickeys, they're trying to make a buck off of Chinese New Year with the introduction of four special items: Beef Prosperity Burger, Chicken Prosperity Burger, Twister fries and a Prosperity McFizz.

According to the banners, these babies are only around until January 31. According to the internet, this isn't the first McDs has been cooking "Prosperity Burgers." And just exactly how prosperous are these sammies? Well, the patties are dipped in black pepper sauce, topped with onions and finished with a sesame seed bun. Sounds okay, but none of those ingredients were in the traditional Prosperity Salad. The only thing we can tell is that the twister fries can resemble 8, an auspicious number.

A value meal of a burger, fries and the Prosperity McFizz (a fizzy Minute Maid blend) costs $7 SGD ($5.57 USD). No, we didn't eat it; there are far awesomer foods to be downing in Singapore. But, to prove we're not making this up, here's the official McD's page on the burgers.

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There are better places to be hanging out too...

"There are far awesomer foods to be downing in Singapore" and you're in Boat Quay?! Really?

chill chill chill

Chill. The area has some excellent old art deco architecture, like the Fullerton Bay Hotel lobby. We can't go see that?