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Do Not Stow That iPad; Qantas' New Q-Streaming Starts Now

Where: Australia
January 27, 2012 at 11:03 AM | by | ()

What do you do when you find an Apple iPad in the seat-back pocket? Naturally, watch hours and hours of the newest television and movies. Duh.

This week, Qantas announced testing of their new in-flight entertainment system. We've already talked about the technology the Australian airline brings to cabins both domestically and internationally, and this news is an even more important cog in the wheel.

The fresh entertainment system is called Q Streaming, and it's being trialed on one aircraft at the moment. The technology allows passengers to stream, on demand, the entire portfolio of Qantas entertainment to an on-board iPad. Both business and economy customers can spend the majority of their flight with their eyes glued to the 10-inch screen.

The lucky aircraft is Boeing 767 registration number registration VH-OGH, and the red roo will be asking for feedback from customers. Each tablet is loaded with over 200 hours of television, movies and music for your viewing pleasure, all available to the entire flight. Following the successful rollout of all this, Qantas wants to move towards having passengers use their own devices to stream the fun stuff.

[Photo: planegeezer / Flickr]

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