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Finnair Flight Attendants Surprise Passengers with Bollywood Booty Shaking (VIDEO)

January 27, 2012 at 8:27 AM | by | ()

This Friday morning, do you have a weird craving to watch Scandinavian women wearing saris, dancing in sync with lively Bollywood music? Well then, this is your lucky friday!

Just a few days ago, a group of dancing Finns boarded a Finnair flight from Helsinki to Delhi and—you know what's coming—performed a whole dance routine to "Om Shanti Om" in celebration of India's Republic Day. Even business class got a dose of the booty shaking, and check out the flight attendants getting down!

Of course there's a story behind the idea to bring this onboard, and you can read it here, on the Finnair blog. Umm and yeah—we totally want to learn that dance now.

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