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Check Out ANA's Spiffy New Dreamliner Livery

Where: Japan
January 2, 2012 at 11:15 AM | by | ()

The first livery for the 787s. Not the new stuff.

Japan's All Nippon Airways has been quick to create some fancy new liveries and paint jobs for their fleet of brandy new Boeing 787 Dreamliners. However, the painters and workers in the hangars are still hard at work, as it looks like they’ll be using yet another special paint scheme for their latest deliveries.

As ANA gets some more and more new planes they’ll mix up the liveries just a little bit. The fresh batch of Dreamliners—these are the ones that will likely be the first to hit the nifty fifty—will still have “787” scrolled across the side, but the colors will be more aligned with the traditional ANA designs. This will also be the more permanent look, so expect this color scheme to be around for quite some time.

Here it is:

We had always figured that the first couple of 787s had a more aggressive look that would probably fade away, so we’re glad to see that the more traditional Dreamliner colors are still pretty nice—and they're proud to display that the plane is no traditional Boeing or Airbus aircraft. Now that you know what the latest and greatest 787s from ANA look like you’ll be all able to spot them when they arrive on US shores in a couple more months. We're counting the days...

[Photos and renderings of the old look and new look: Jaunted and ANA]

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