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Watch the Biggest Boeing 747 Go for a Bath

January 2, 2012 at 2:25 PM | by | ()

Take a minute or two today and watch the video above. Sure, it's kinda corporate what with all the Boeing and Lufthansa bits, but in the end it should tickle the fancy of anyone born since the invention of the almighty Slip n Slide.

What's happening here is that Boeing is putting their new 747-8 freighter (to be delivered to Lufthansa) through water spray test so that, should the plane encounter any runway flooding, it can still safely land without sucking up any of the precipitation into its various engines and intakes. In order to test this, the plane gets its underside painted with a pretty pink soap wash, and then it barrels through a purposefully flooded runway at around 60 mph.

While it's not exactly a Slip n Slide since the airplane is still firmly up on its wheels, the image of that hulking machine zipping through the splash quickly brings flashbacks to our youth of those few seconds of joy, sliding down blue plastic, before the eventual grass burn at the finish.

For a real 747 waterslide experience, just head to the newish waterpark outside Portland, OR. There's a 747 on the roof!

Sigh. Is it summer yet?

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