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Five Favorite Airline In-Flight Snacks and Where to Buy Them

January 25, 2012 at 12:17 PM | by | ()

Free airline snacks are far and few between but there are some so good, we don’t want to wait for another flight to taste them again. Luckily, we’ve done some sleuthing and found our favorites in grocery stores and specialty shops around the country. Found your favorite in-flight goodie on the road? Let us know!

· Constant Craving: Biscoff Cookies
Delta Airlines has raised the hackles of many a customer, but you’ll find few willing to complain about the sweet, crunchy, cinnamony goodness of the Biscoff cookie. We were thrilled to find them in our cookie aisle, but even better? The new Biscoff spread made up of 50% of Biscoff cookies. There’s even a new crunchy version with chunks of cookies in it (swoon!). We’ve tossed aside our peanut butter and Nutella with scorn and slathered this goodness on everything from toast to English muffins. Yeah, it’s a problem.

Where to Get ‘Em: The cookies have been spotted in Walgreens, Ralphs, and even Walmart, but the spread can be found in the peanut butter section in stores like Shop Rite, Kroger, Hannaford, Wegmans, and even on Amazon.com.

· Constant Craving: PopCorners
JetBlue always gets mad props for its serious selection of snacks. They don’t blink an eye when you ask for a bag of the Terra Blues chips and our new favorite, PopCorners—a crunchy hybrid of popcorn and corn chips.

Where to Get ‘Em: Party-size bags (but do you really plan on sharing?) can be found at Whole Foods, Target, Stop & Shop, and Giant stores.

· Constant Craving: Fresh Baked Cookies
Midwest Airlines spoiled passengers with their fresh-out-the-galley-oven chocolate chunk cookies. So when they merged with Frontier Airlines, everyone wondered if that unique perk (available on flights after 10 a.m.) would continue. We’re told the baked goods tradition is alive and well and our Love Jones continues.

Where to Get ‘Em: This one’s tricky but worth it. The cookie dough is produced by the Best Maid Cookie Company in River Falls, Wisconsin and sold only at the larger Balistreri owned and operated Sendik’s food markets in the state. Try to make friends with someone from the state, especially the Milwaukee area where the shops are primarily located. There, in the frozen desserts aisle, you’ll find the box of 32 bake-and-serve cookies, still sporting the Midwest Airlines logo. We’re hoping distribution eventually gets expanded to Denver, Frontier Airlines’ hub.

· Constant Craving: Good Old Fashioned Peanuts
Resisting pressure for peanut-free flights, Southwest Airlines still serves both a tasty honey and dry roasted variety that has passengers begging for extras. In fact, the company serves 87.6 million bags of peanuts a year.

Where to Get ‘Em: King Nut Company produces SWA's delicious peanuts. They can be purchased online at King Nut’s website, if you can’t wait, the retailers Giant Eagle sells them under the Farmer's Market and/or Value Time label. Aldi stores carry the dry roast variety and Marc’s stores in New England and Ohio stocks the King Nuts brand.

· Constant Craving: Cacahuates
If you’ve taken a flight with Aeromexico, you know they serve the curiously crunchy cacahuates, the Japanese coated peanut that are both sweet and salty. Onboard you’ll most likely find the plain variety, but these addictive snacks come in many flavors from tangy salt and lemon to spicy chili.

Where to Get ‘Em: Though a “Japanese” coated peanut, you’re most likely to find cacahuates in Asian shops and grocery stores with a Mexican foods section such as Associated Supermarket. You can even go online to MexGrocer.com

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Just a correction to your post, the cookies still sport the Midwest Airlines logo; not Midway Airlines. It's too bad that Frontier still hasn't figured out how to serve the Midwest cookies warm on their regional flights. They're not nearly as good cold.


blame it on our sugar high!