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The TSA Shares Their Top 10 'Catches' of 2011

January 10, 2012 at 9:37 AM | by | ()

Just one of their finds, a flare gun with flares...

Another year means another gem from the folks at the TSA and their official blog. They’re always quick to point out wacky stuff that travelers attempt to sneak through security, and now they’ve compiled some of the oddest things confiscated and captured at security checkpoints in 2011.

They’re calling the list the “10 Good Catches of 2011,” but since we’re a little cynical when it comes to the TSA we’re still waiting for their list of 10 Good Misses of 2011—hmm, maybe we’ll do that next week on their behalf.

Some of the highlights include birds, turtles, and other critters discovered at airports like LAX and MIA. There were even a couple snakes before boarding—we’ll save you from another snakes-on-a-plane reference. The agency did show a little humility when mentioning the bomb-like-device that was discovered in Nebraska, because, as we pointed out it, was actually just some kid’s science project.

Stun guns disguised as cell phones, landmines, and a flare gun were just some of the other items making the TSA’s top ten list of 2011. Their number one pick was the discovery of hunks of C4 explosives in Yuma, Arizona. Apparently it was just an army officer bringing home a souvenir to show his family and friends, so we’ll actually agree with the TSA on that one—good catch.

You know 2012 is going to come with plenty more complaints about airport security, screenings and shenanigans, so stick around and we’ll be sure to fill you in on the latest and lamest. For a full listing of government workers and their victories you can head right over to the official blog.

[Photo: TSA Blog]

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