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Ryanair Publicity Stunts Now Just Getting Lazy, Probably Sexist

September 8, 2011 at 2:56 PM | by | ()

Listen. We're not exactly prudes when it comes to the significant overlap between the world of travel and the world of boobs. In the course of a few months last year we covered very extreme flight attendant nakedness on three different continents, spanning calendars and ads from Australia to Russia to Spain.

We—proudly, with absolutely no shame—had a Naughtiest Flight Attendants 2010 Jaunty. We maintain different sections so we can differentiate between Nude Travel and Naked Travel and Sex Travel, because, hey, those are all different things and we know you demand precision on these issues.

So we can't really get offended by latest Ryanair ad, which pushes cheap tickets to the Bavarian beer festival. The picture is fine—it's just a fraulein showing a hint of cleavage—but the cheap attempt at controversy comes from putting her picture under "See The Frauleins With The Big Jugs." Our problem is that the ad just kind of sucks.

First of all, while some people have expressed concern that the content is the opposite of classy - which is true - it's the word "jugs." We barely managed to care about Ryanair's trying-too-hard "giggly schoolgirl" ad, so seriously? "Jugs"? The most offensive thing about that is that the pun they're after—jugs of beer, jugs on a girl, get it?—falls totally flat. Leering frat boy sexism is one thing. We can argue about that. But crappy copy editing is inexcusable, while the implied idea that we would be be dumb enough to find it funny is borderline offensive. Also the fonts are ugly.

So aggressively hideous is this effort that we kind of suspect Ryanair did it on purpose. Unable to get satisfaction from merely abusing their paying customers, the airline has now begun attacking even potential customers. Through their eyes.

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Well, for them everything must be cheap, that includes hiring the cheapest advertising agency!