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Meet the Cute Coati Looking For His All Inclusive Action in Mexico

Where: Mexico
September 8, 2011 at 1:30 PM | by | ()

Forget the frills and frocks and Fashion's Night Out for just one second. It's cute animal video o'clock! Yes, time to take five, hit play, and lay your eyes on the cutest little... wait, what is this thing, the cutest of whatever he is we ever did see?

OK, South American animal nerds, YES, it's a Coati. Or coatimundi or Mexican tejón. Also known in some parts as 'pizotes, crackoons and snookum bears' (Thanks, Wikipedia!)

But when we first spotted this guy during a rain-sprinkled stroll of the grounds at Grand Velas Riviera Maya, we had no idea what he was. He looked kind of like a monkey or maybe a possum, but he ran like a spazzed-out cat and clearly has the appetite of a pig.

Once we were back within Wikipedia range, we were able to find out that coatis are a member of the raccoon family and they have a 'reputation for intelligence.' Their diet consists mostly of 'ground litter invertebrates such as tarantula and fruit' and they also don't mind a bite of lizard, rodent, bird or crocodile egg. Clearly, Mr. Coati thought those items might be in the complimentary minibar since Grand Velas is an all-inclusive resort, albeit a high-end one.

Wikipedia also tells us that they communicate by chirping and snorting but we didn't get close enough to verify this. Good thing, too, as:

When provoked, or for defense, coatis can be fierce fighters.

Gulp. We're just glad he didn't come scampering across our patio. Although, maybe he would have enjoyed the plunge pool and ice-cold can of Pacifico?

[Photo & video: Jaunted]

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