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Seven Cities for Wearing White Pants Year-round

September 6, 2011 at 8:26 AM | by | ()

Horrible news. It's time to put those white pants away. That's right—Labor Day has come and gone and as much as we enjoying viewing the outline of your thong (male or female), the look has an expiration date.

Traditionally, white pants season (and relatedly, Sperry Topsider season) lasts from Memorial Day until the very last gasp of summer on Labor Day (ah hem, yesterday). Any other time—wearing white is completely at your own risk. One the other hand, at the beginning of white pants season we rounded up five cities where you can wear white pants year-round.

Now that we've reached the end of the season, here's an encore (plus new additions!):

Caesar's Palace pool in Vegas. Yes, you can wear white pants here

· Las Vegas, NV, USA
Let's face it—visitors to Las Vegas are going to wear whatever they frickin' want to. White lace two-piece pool coverup on an overweight 60-year old? Ohhh yeahhh. White pants in Vegas go from the butts of bikini-ed youngsters at Rehab to the scooter-bound gamblers with regular slot machines and elite Total Rewards cards. White pants in the desert are a particularly good idea for keeping the heat away outdoors and your body covered enough to endure the glacial air conditioning indoors.

· Hua Hin, Thailand
This resort town sits on the lush Gulf of Thailand just two hours' drive south of Bangkok and is peppered with sprawling hotel complexes. Hua Hin first gained popularity when King Rama VI built a wooden summer palace (Maruekatayawan Palace) on the waterfront in the mid-1920s. Overnight, it became the place to sun yourself and escape from the hectic urban environment up north in Bangkok. These days it's still quite hot (literally), and white linen pants are almost mandatory.

· Monte Carlo, Monaco
Monaco may as well call itself the Principality of White Pants. This itty-bitty country in the south of France basks in the glory of its royal heritage, its world-renowned yachting scene, the Grand Prix, Ferrari-to-resident ratio and year-round enviable weather. If that isn't a recipe for breaking out your flowiest pair of white linen pants, then we don't know what it. Work the "i own a yacht" look by topping it off with a a crisp white button-down, jauntily unbuttoned a bit, collars loose and ready to flutter in the sea breeze.

· Jeju Island, South Korea
Aside from the fact that South Korea doesn't have Labor Day and thus wouldn't get the "no white after Labor Day rule," Jeju Island is an exotic destination popular with honeymooners. Wearing white, a symbol of virginity, isn't uncommon, but then you'll also see many tourist couples on the island wearing matching outfits. It's a romantic, newlywed thing in Korea, and Jeju is the place to take it to the max.

· Palm Springs, California
Check the weather report for Palm Springs and there's a 95% chance you'll find a straight flush of sunny days with over-90-degree temps. This land of retirees and unlimited champagne brunches uses white pants for their functionality; wearing white keeps you cooler and linen cloth breathes. It's kind of a survival maneuver, really.

· Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
There's two types of white pants to know in Brazil: the bikini cover-up and the Capoeira uniform. The former is the sort most people are familiar with; girls head to the beach for the day, then throw on a white pair of pants to head out for a bite to eat for some casual nightlife. The white pants mean their thongs and tan are still vaguely visible. Capoeira pants are, however, loose-fitting drawstring pants made for free movement during the practice of Capoeira—a home-grown Brazilian style of martial arts.

· St. Barts, Caribbean
Take most of what we said about Monte Carlo, but subtract the royal heritage and the Grand Prix and replace them with douche heritage and holiday vacation. St. Barts is the playground of the celebrities who haven't quite made it enough to buy houses in places like Lake Como or Mustique. It's an island for the wannabe celebs, the Real Housewives of New York-set, and all the money that gets spent there means people will do whatever they want, including wearing unflattering white pants whenever and wherever.

[Photo: TravelBlog, Jaunted]

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