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Nationality of Baby Born Aboard Philippines Airlines Flight Remains 'Up In The Air'

September 26, 2011 at 8:30 AM | by | ()

Nobody plans to have their baby aboard an international flight, but if Mother Nature has to do her thing then and there it’s hopeful that everything goes as well as possible. One new mother aboard a Philippines Airlines flight on her way to the United States from Manila had a little adventure up in the air, but thankfully all went well during her in-flight delivery. Unfortunately, it’s what happened afterward that’s causing the most difficulty.

Over international waters—about four hours outside San Francisco—the baby decided that it wanted to check out what a long-haul flight was all about. That’s where the complications began. The new mom was planning to have her child in Massachusetts while visiting her sister, so that her new bundle of joy would automatically be a United States citizen.

However, having her child in the middle of the ocean usually means that nationality is granted to the mother’s country, so in this case it would be the Philippines rather than the US. The new baby is going to have enough to deal with, especially when those mean kids at school start teasing him about being an airplane baby. Let’s just hope the whole nationality-immigration-birth certificate thing straightens itself out sooner than later.

And—one more thing—if your due date is September 28 it’s probably not a good idea to fly across the Pacific Ocean on September 20 despite what your physician recommends.

[Not a photo of the kiddo in question: LizaWasHere]

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well, atleast the baby and mother made it off the plane safely, I can't imagine what it would be like for the flight attendants when a passenger sudenly goes into labour!