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Jaunted Live: The First Boeing 787 Dreamliner Delivery Flight

September 27, 2011 at 9:45 AM | by | ()

Hello and welcome to our Liveblog! Your intrepid Jaunted Editor is reporting in real-time from Boeing's Factory in Everett, Washington as the airplane maker sheds a tear and hands over the very first of their brand new 787 Dreamliners to Japanese airline All Nippon.

Today's events focus around the first flyaway of the plane to Tokyo, and we're live with this constantly updating feed until around 5am-7am PST/8am-10am EST. All photos are original and taken on the scene.

Now, for the fun...

Jaunted Live Coverage

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There are only 42 people on this 787 flight to Tokyo, including some of the Boeing engineers responsible for it. Their families watch.
Dawn arrives just as ANA's first 787 closes its door for takeoff. http://t.co/wn5XqlDG
The press over the last 3 days of 787 events have been mainly American, Japanese & German. Our Aussie friend @ausbt, too!
Final checks. http://t.co/F2HH1t87
The 787 will take off on this runway at Paine Field, lined on the left by other Boeing planes. http://t.co/XyFGHeFK
Here she goes, runway-bound. http://t.co/WH5rXgTz
Getting choked up as the families of the engineers cheer and wave. http://t.co/ju9bKRaa
They're towing her at a walking pace. Perhaps so everyone can get "the shot?" http://t.co/srPBHgox
Her engines are on, she'll be heading the last bit towards the end of the runway under her own power.
Oh, hi there Dreamlifter. http://t.co/LuarynPG
Face-off between a teensy private jet & the Dreamliner. Who's going first? http://t.co/4s9OSdiv
Dreamliner is first, duh. She's on the runway... http://t.co/cjvFehMg
Now you see her, now you don't. http://t.co/xWahwH7x
The first delivered Boeing 787 Dreamliner has just left for its new home with ANA in Tokyo.
She did a little tip goodbye before disappearing into the heavy cloud cover.
Everyone here either hugging, high-fiving, cheering, or admitting to having goosebumps.
So it looks like the takeoff of the Dreamliner will be followed by the Dreamlifter.
Private jet versus the Dreamlifter! http://t.co/ul8icYKO
Here comes the Dreamlifter up to the runway... (we're far away) http://t.co/DTZq6RSH
Dreamlifter in the sweet spot... http://t.co/jHH59kB5
Apologies for the break. Went shopping in the Boeing store. http://t.co/8vewBSDS

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