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How To Get Tickets To See 'Conan' During a Brief Stint Back in New York City

September 21, 2011 at 12:18 PM | by | Comments (0)

Our dearly beloved Conan O'Brien will be taping his show at The Beacon Theatre in NYC from 10/31-11/3 and he's looking for a studio audience (along with a ride from the airport).

Since Conan, which is usually filmed in Los Angeles, will only be in New York for a few days the demand for tickets is high, but it's not hopeless. Tickets are being issued through an online lottery.

To enter the lottery, visit http://teamcoco.com/tickets/newyork and click the month and day you are interested in attending on the show's calendar. If tickets are available, fill out the ticket request form and if your request is chosen, you'll receive a confirmation via e-mail. You can request up to four tickets for one taping.

If you don't get picked in the ticket lottery, there will be a limited number of Standby Tickets available for each taping. More information about the standby line will become available in the next couple of weeks at Teamcoco.com. Good luck and we'll maybe see you there!

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