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Now Virgin America is Just Reading Our Mind: New Flights to Palm Springs!

September 20, 2011 at 10:43 AM | by | ()

Recognize that little desert town surrounded by mountains? If not, you will soon because Palm Springs is the newest destination dot on the ever-expanding Virgin America.

The flights—from San Francisco to Palm Springs or New York-JFK tp Palm Springs with a brief stop in SFO (no need to get off the plane)—already have a start date of December 15, 2011 and starting rates of $99 from SFO or $199 from JFK, each way (and they're on sale now).

This is awesome-awesome news for two huge reasons we can think of just off the top of our head:

· Demographics.
If you know the sorts who have sworn their allegiance to Virgin America and the ones who have yet to, they're also the ones most likely to hop to Palm Springs for a weekend away, a week away, or duh—Coachella. Watch those spring flights fill up lightning quick, especially now that Coachella has announced it'll be two weekends in 2012 for the first time ever. In Palm Springs recently, it seems like everyone we met was either from NYC or other parts of California. Maybe the rest of the country is slow to understand what they're missing out on, which is fine because more fun for us.

· Added variety.
More choices is always better choices when it comes to airlines at airports. The Palm Springs routes in the high season, which would be winter, are premium and you'll be paying as such. To avoid high fares, many choose instead to fly into San Diego or LA and drive through the forests and desert to the oasis that is PS. This sucks! Palm Springs's airport is beautiful, uncrowded, modern and the views on final approach are breathtaking.

We only recently discovered the fabulousness of Palm Springs ourselves, over some date shakes, $3.95 bottomless champagne at Pinocchio's, live music from Nino Fontana and late-night campfires at the Riviera, the Ace and the Parker. Next time we're going tiki-tacky, and next time we're totally flying in.

[Photo of Palm Springs from the Palms to Pines Highway: Jaunted]

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PS is MINE! i want it to be as hard as possible for everyone else to get there. NOT FAIR.


This is great news, I love Palm Springs! I think it's time to cash in some Elevate points!

even though

Even though Palm Springs isn't like, a secret destination or anything, I do feel like it's my special place or something. It's quite possibly for everyone to have that experience in PS, and that's part of what makes it so amazing.