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American Airlines' DealFinder 2.0 May Just Get You Two Tickets to Paradise

August 9, 2011 at 9:51 AM | by | ()

If you’re looking to spend less time searching and more time saving then you might want to check out American Airlines’ latest invention, as that’s what the airline is promising with the latest version of DealFinder.

After downloading the program to your computer—there’s no mobile version just yet—you can begin to look for your dream flight to your dream destination. Pick where you want to go and when, and DealFinder 2.0 promises to alert you when things become a little more affordable. Obviously this is only for American Airlines flights, so if Delta is offering killer deals to Japan, you might miss out.

We played around with things a little bit, and it’s definitely worth taking for a spin. Sure there’s other programs and apps that do similar stuff, but there’s always room for one more thing in our travel tool arsenal.

In additional to the fare alerts—of which you can select up to ten—there’s also a section for exclusive discounts related to your preferences along with news and offers from American Advantage. Be sure to check the offers section after your download, as there might just be a 15% coupon hanging out in there for you to use—there was for us!

The very best feature of DealFinder 2.0 might just be that it’s now available for Mac and Linux users as well, so if you’re not doing the Windows thing you’re still welcome to save a little cash. We’ve got our alerts set for a weekend in Europe this fall, so we’ll let you know how we make out.

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