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Breaking: 5.9 Earthquake Hits East Coast, New York City

August 23, 2011 at 2:11 PM | by | ()

Ahhh Earthquake! Okay, it's something you only see in disaster movies—an earthquake hits New York City and civilization as we know it is thrown into a panic. Well not quite, but just under 20 minutes ago an earthquake did hit the east coast of the United States, centered in Mineral, VA and felt quite heartily in both Washington DC and New York City. There are reports that tremors were even as high as Rhode Island. Crazy!

The USGS has pegged this quake as a 5.9 magnitude just a 1/2 mile below the surface, which is enough to get to shaking, but not enough to knock over appliances or throw people off their feet. Reports continue to flood in now on news channels and via Twitter, but it has been confirmed that this was, in fact, a real-live Earthquake.

We still hear the subways and traffic are running as normal. Airports—Washingon-Dulles, Newark and Philadelphia—have had brief ground stops lifted while ground stops continue (for not too much longer) at New York-JFK and Washington DC-Reagan National. Amtrak is also effected, putting speed restrictions on its trains between Washington DC and Baltimore.

Now, the "where I was" stories pour in. We were sitting perfectly still, noticed some things were shaking that shouldn't be shaking, looked out the window to see electrical cables swaying, and finally the shaking increased so much as to rule out any thought of the many subway tracks that surround Jaunted's NYC HQ. And then we turned to Twitter and saw the truth.

Your turn! Where were you? How much did you feel it?

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Thinking of You All

Here In New Zealand we are still recovering from the earthquakes that have devastated our beautiful city of Christchurch. We are down but not out and our city will rise - is rising - again! I hope the east Coast of the USA hasn't experienced too much damage - by latest accounts its not too bad and may it stay that way. Our thoughts from New Zealand are with you.