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Lady Gaga Takes Time Out to Learn Surfing Before Sunday's VMAs

August 23, 2011 at 1:16 PM | by | ()

Lady GaGa finally took some time out from shooting videos, performing live, and appearing on TV last week to have a little fun in the sun in in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. So what does a groundbreaking pop star do on her summer vacation? Take surfing lessons of course! Gaga tweeted a photo of herself surfing with the caption "yeah thats me. no heels baby."

But what's more shocking than seeing that GaGa actually does have normal, human feet, is how she paid for her Mexican hotel room. Some reports claim she spent more than $7,000 a night for a luxury suite.

Gaga will be back to work on Sunday night when she is scheduled to open the MTV VMAs, but that doesn't mean she's not striving to balance all that work with more play. She's currently building a multimillion dollar mansion on Chappaquiddick, a small island off of Martha’s Vineyard.

Rumor has it Lady Gaga plans to spend much of her downtime in her new digs once the house is completed sometime this fall. Once it's done the house will include eight-bedrooms, stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean, staff quarters, a recording studio, and even its own ferry. Apparently it's pretty good to be Lady Gaga!

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