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Can You Believe This is Airport Food?

Where: Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam, Netherlands
August 15, 2011 at 5:07 PM | by | ()

Okay, okay. So we just finished spreading the gospel of Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport, but we're kinda not done since we didn't say anything about the food. Oh, THE FOOD!

Instead of giving you a huge gallery and making you drool on a Monday evening when you're likely nowhere near the international departures area at AMS, here are just a few tidbits to give you an idea—hints to get your appetite going on a day you're traveling through Schiphol. Here's the biggest tip: save your tummy for some good stuff; skipping breakfast or another meal is fine if you're on your way to this airport.

Our two favorites? Oh, just Café Chocolat and Bubbles, the latter a champagne and raw bar conveniently located right next to the temptations of Café Chocolat. It's pretty decadent, but then you're about to be flung through the air between continents in a metal can, so why not?

Above and below: some of the bites available at Bubbles, the seafood/champagne counter

[Photos: Jaunted]

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I'd bring my camera just to take pics of the food.

Peut être pas de labouffe d'aéroport

mais par contre pour prix cela fait bien partie de la catégorie! 5.25 euros le 1/4 de verrine de mousse au chocolat!!!!!! 4.50 euros le hareng! 4.95 euros le demi-rouleau de ch'pas quoi! Bref encore une manière (agréable au demeurant) de nous plumer...