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New Dining Options Are En Route to San Diego's Airport

August 10, 2011 at 9:33 AM | by | ()

It seems like this summer has been all about new airport dining options, as airports continue to say sayonara to Sbarro and hello to more local spots. The latest changes are scheduled to hit San Diego International Airport, and we already have our napkins ready.

Airport officials are doing their thing as different groups and companies vie for the highly sought after lease space at the airport, so who's going where isn't totally official just yet. However, even if half of these new places arrive on schedule then a tasty layover might just be in your future.

Phil's Barbecue, Stone Brewing Company, Saffron, Bankers Hill Bar and Restaurant and Pannikin Coffee are just a few of the establishments looking to land at the airport. Apparently all the different proposals and bids are under review, and we should know something by the beginning of September.

The only bummer about all this good dining news is that the folks at HMS Host are under contract through 2012. So biting into a little barbeque or downing a local pint at the airport might just not happen until some time in 2013. Hopefully that will change, but we'll totally still be flying around then, so we can be a tad patient.

[Photo of SAN: Bob B. Brown]

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Getting better and better

It's about time the local shops get the spotlight. I like going around an airport's lounge while waiting to catch another flight and having more (good) local dining options is a good treat. Hope the rest of the other airports catches on. <a href="http://www.medicalassistantnow.com">Medical Assistants</a>