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How $20 Can Turn You into a Flight Attendant's Favorite Passenger

July 6, 2011 at 9:00 AM | by | ()

Almost six months ago, we shared with you one of our best little travel tips: to bribe flight attendants with chocolate, specifically a box of Vosges Exotic Bars because they're individually wrapped and varied. Well, we've got an important update! If you're short on time or can't find a Vosges, FAs seems to love the Ferrero Collection box just as much.

It happened to us recently that we were running for a long-haul flight and desperate for some of the special treatment that usually comes with giving a gift, and we laid down $19.99 for this box and guess what? It was a massive hit with the crew.

If you're still curious about how and why chocolate makes the in-flight experience better when you're not even the one eating it, here's our original case for it:

We've got a big tip that you could get you a lot of winks from flight attendants, both male and female, if you're interested. Here's the tip: bring chocolate, specifically individual chocolate bars or a box of truffles. When you board and when most everyone's seated and the flight attendants are doing their seatbelt checks, hand it to one of them as a nice little gift for the flight's crew.

Not only are you more than a considerate human being, but you'll likely make their day, a day they may otherwise spend thinking about the raw deal they have working when they'd rather spend the weekend with their sweeties.

We typically bring boxes of Vosges Exotic Chocolate Bars onto our long-hauls, simply because we like flight attendants and umm...yeah...they are responsible for our life. The key is not to expect anything in return, although at the very least you'll get several personal thank-yous.

On one flight on a 747, every single crew member (okay, maybe not the co-pilot, but definitely the captain) walked all the way back to us to say thanks, and to share which flavor they had tried. The $25 box of exotic chocolate bars are miniature and inspired by travel with unique ingredients, so they really appeal to foodies...and flight attendants who jet to many different countries. Ah yes, and there've been upgrades and in-flight amenity kits and free drinks, too *wink*.

We pick up our boxes of Vosges at their store in Soho, and when the FAs ask us where we get these, they're happy to hear they can just hop down there and grab some themselves. No, we're not shilling for Vosges at all; this is just a gesture we really believe in.

The Vosges chocolate bars

[Photos: Vosges Chocolatier]

Archived Comments:

a little bit of vosges goes a long way..

I strongly agree, I bet that would cheer any FA up! I would love to try it but 1) I don't know any Vosges stores. 2)I'm never on any long haul flights and 3) I'm probably too shy to go up to flight attendant and hand then a box of chocolates!

any good chocolate will do

While I agree that Vosges are nice any good chocolate will do. When flying from Las Vegas I always pick up Ethel M chocolates for the crew and have made a lot of new friends that way. Other times I've simply grabbed what I could find at the gift shop -- Hershey bars, granola bars, Snickers -- and even those were greeted with a smile and a hearty "thank you!" by the cabin crew. Cookies and brownies always go over well and there's always some place on the concourses selling those. Parfaits and chocolate/lemon/fruit tarts from Le Madeline (PHX B Concourse) have been a big hit.