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Cuba Libres All Around! United Flight Makes Surprise Stop in Havana

Where: Havana, Cuba
August 1, 2011 at 8:30 AM | by | ()

Too bad the United passengers missed this action

Weird smells. In-flight drama. An emergency landing in Cuba. These three elements sound like the basis for a Weekend At Bernie's-sort of movie, but instead it was reality for 135 passengers onboard United Flight 931 this weekend, when their Washington-Dulles to Cancun, Mexico trip took a detour—to Havana, Cuba.

The cause of the unscheduled stop? CNN reports: "The crew detected a burning smell, saying it was in the cockpit," and they landed the Airbus A320 on Castro's turf just to be safe.

Of course our first thought is not "is everyone safe," but rather, "were the passengers excited?" Hello—they're looking out the window expecting to see the tourist-stuffed slice of imported American that is Cancun and instead...Cuba: the forbidden isle. You just know that at least one passenger has uttered "well, this will be a story for the grandkids."

The plane sat on the ground for over five hours awaiting a replacement ferried over from Cancun to complete the trip. No, none of the passengers got to officially enter Cuba and no, they probably didn't serve complimentary Cuba Libres during that wait.

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